BLACKOUT is an intermediate to advanced roleplay taking place SIX months after the "incident" in which majority of the world's population between the ages of 16 to 35 mysteriously blacked out. Following the infamous blackout, these people have begun to develop a wide range of abilities beyond human and scientific capacity. The world was not prepared for this new generation. For the first time in history the world governments have something in common and have come together to decide how to proceed. Beyond politics, world organizations and religions, what no one realizes is the building of this new generation began as far back as the Dark Ages

07/12 remember if your character didn't make Activity Check you can reactivate them by making a new post or thread and PMing the link to Phoenix. Congrats to our member spotlight of the month Hadrian Ashe for turning the tables and advancing the plot into uncharted territories!

06/10 congrats to our monthly spotlight and for June it goes to WILDER GRAVES for kicking ass during the battle of the blackout! Great job in getting him to the level of Graduate in such a short amount of time! 100 points has been deposited into his account!

06/06 ACTIVITY CHECK has been posted. Those on the list must have a new post by June 11th or the accounts will be made inactive. You can find the activity check here: Here.

05/11 CONGRATS to our monthly spotlight belonging to MATTIE DENSEN for kicking ass during the shooting event and going outside his norm by offering to assist another with their powers! 100 points has been rewarded to his account!

04/22 EVERYONE reply to our INTEREST CHECK to save your accounts. Anyone who hasn't by April 28th will have their accounts disabled until they are made active again!

04/14 CONGRATS to our monthly spotlight going to LENKA SEVASTYAN for having the most in-character posts with 56! 100 points rewarded to her account! Our second mini event sign ups is now open until APRIL 14!

04/04 MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT CLAIMS We are missing claims so please double-check to ensure you have completed them, or check to see you if need to make corrections. This will keep others from trying to create characters using the same face claim if it is not listed!

03/31 REMEMBER to have your profile fields filled out in its entirety. For the questions unable to be answered an N/A is sufficient. We want the board to look nice and neat! The mini events will carry be extended until Saturday!

03/19 Our FIRST MONTHLY CHOOSE YOUR FATE EVENT! Sign up for our mini events HERE You have until March 22nd to do so!

03/12 Our first monthly spotlight goes to Julian Drummond for his remarkable development and for having the monthly spotlight is rewarded 100 points! Stay tuned for our new mini events we will be implementing on a regular basis to offer more development opportunities and chances for characters to hone in on their skills!

01/28 Welcome to our GRAND OPENING. And to start things off with Valentine's Day around the corner, all residents are invited to attend the upscale Masquerade party down at the Biltmore where anything can happen!

01/28 We are beginning our soft open today to work out any kinks and bugs and add in the remaining little features. If you run into any issues or have questions, please contact the staff!

01/17 The grand opening is nearing. We are half way to the point where folks can make accounts. I will let you know as soon as I'm ready!


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