Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
00/00 Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.


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 tethered to the dark, Mattie + Soledad

This place was huge.

Better yet, there didn’t seem to be a lot of ground rules except no maiming or killing of other campers. Fair enough. Casey wasn’t ambitious enough to seek out a weapon and hunt down campers. What he did like was the absence of any major adults other than counselors. The entire idea of a laid back lifestyle without any responsibility was appealing to the slacker son of Phobos. He could get a little too used not doing anything of importance except banging on drums and perfecting his style. So far, he had walked the length of the commons area to get a feel for where everything was located. He inspected the different cabin styles and did his best to guess which ones belonged to each god. Casey was fairly confident he knew three or four out of the twelve or so cabins available for him. His knowledge of the Greek gods wasn’t extensive, nor the gods belonging to other pantheons, as seemed common here.

The bag of mildly salted potato chips crinkled cacophonously in his hand as he headed into the woods. His hand dove greedily and snatched up a chip or two and munched loudly. Fingers slick with salted grease were unconsciously wiped across his chest leaving darkened smears against black fabric.

Perhaps it had much to do with his father being the god of fear, but the woods didn’t freak him out. He was more engaged with the idea of monsters placed within the forest for campers to train on. Some head honcho gave him the warning before he headed out here on his own to be cautious and armed. Pfft. If he was worried, Casey didn’t show it. Monsters didn’t so much as glance in his direction in San Diego, he was certain they would turn in the other direction here. Could it be his imposing sense of fear, emanating around him, or the fact Phobos wasn’t as important as the major Olympians were?

“Hmm,” he shrugged nonsensically to himself, shoving another handful of chips in his mouth. “I’ve got nothing to worry a—“ The word elongated into a single vowel as the ground gave out underneath him.

His arms flew up, jerking the bag over his head until it was raining rippled chips. He plunged down, down, down until he landed with an annoying thud, his fall fortunately broken by a bed of decaying leaves. Casey lifted his head, spitting out a leaf. He looked to his left, then his right, the walls sloped steeply upward. He craned his head back toward the opening he fell through, framed by a canopy of dead trees.

“What in the....” He shouted at nothing. “Who puts a hole in the middle of the woods without a sign?!”

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Winter was settling in, like a coolness in your bones you just couldn't shake. Brittle and dry, void of the warmth that kept things growing. The daughter of Demeter didn't much like these months, maybe it was embedded in the chlorophyll of their DNA, but with the sun farther from the earth... Even this little bloom was feeling like shriving up. Why couldn't this place been somewhere else in the states? Nearer the equator would be splendid. She would never say she missed the Island, for that would never be true, but ivy thrived in tropical climates. Still, it would end soon, she knew that. It was a matter of pushing through, continuing on when the world felt bleak. For when Spring came-- everything would grow back stronger.

Soledad headed through the woods, deep where many didn't dare go. Wasted ruins lay about, rubble of another war littering the ground. Hair the color of rose was pinned back with a barrette, handmade of vine and wood. Pulling in her brown jacket tighter, she quickly placed her hands back in her pockets to keep them warm. There wasn't snow yet, but the mounds of shimmering splendor would no doubt soon be upon them. Like a white dust storm, a flurry of ice and mist. She had a garden out where stone and marble lay a perfect pattern, anything she wanted growing back in between. A little slice of paradise, any time of the year. It always had a way of putting her in a better mood, green thumb pressing into the earth to see life spring forward.

Lost in thought, every plant she passed seemed to bow, a brief seeing of sunlight through their makers blood. Cutting through her thoughts, a echoing voice chimed through the trees. A family of nesting birds fluttered from a tree, surprised by the bumbling tone. Coming to a stop, boots crunched on fallen leaves, decayed to nothing but the texture of paper. What was that? Ghostly, haunting, seemed so far away but yet right on the back of your neck. Campers said these woods might be spooked, but she hadn't given it any merit. Monsters and demons were not in hell, they were right here. Glancing about, she saw the dark of shadow more then on the ground... It was in, broken. A hole. Slowly stepping over, she inched closer and closer till finally she could peer right down with the tepid sunlight. The colorless gold illuminated a boy, dark hair and covered in dust and dirt. A curt smile came to her face, coming to a kneel for stability. "You'd be surprised who hunts greasy boys who love greasy potato chips." Tall and lanky, he looked like someone who survived off manufactured soda and things that you only had to throw in the microwave.

"You ok down there?" Not that she cared, even in the slightest. She would have given that same smile if he was hurt laying upon the ground, or standing here like he was now. The right thing to do would be to send down a vine, so simple for her, yet something kept her from channeling the earth to do her bidding. That was what other campers might do, the ones who wanted to be heroes. So she just stared down at him, a bit of pity in her lily colored eyes. "Looks pretty far down... See anything of value? Or a monster you've awoken from a deep and dark slumber?" She laughed, suddenly understanding how Circe must have felt with her toys.
The Dane found himself enjoying the forested and monster infested grounds of camp, as typically, that meant that there were less campers. Never much the social entity, Mattie could only entertain himself with the idea of faking an interest in other people so long. He spent plenty of hours sitting in tree branches rummaging through his own belongings and doing the work he wouldn’t keep in his cabin. Mattie had an issue once with a creature pecking at the fabric of his bag, potentially eating his reports. That was especially annoying on the days he thought he had with just himself and his own thoughts as means to satiate him.

Yet the sounds of a large crash disturbed this, a thump against… Something, yet he didn’t feel the sort of tremors that usually came from such a fall, not much of a resonance. While he couldn’t determine how or why, he knew where it had happened, based off the relative distance of what he determined to be a voice. Mattie decided to go investigate for himself, finding the soft ground seemingly punched in like a sinkhole, large enough for someone to slip through the Earth beneath it.

Mattie peered into the hole, adjacent from another girl. It was rather dark on the inside, yet through the specs of the hole, Mattie could clearly see who had fallen down into it. He reached into his bag and took out a small laser pointer, shining it against the inside of the hole and twirling it between his fingers, a button click shining the end of the laser pointer down into it. Mattie smirked, his amusement clear with his expression, yet he said nothing, watching the reaction as to gauge it. He was only having his fun. Something about the presence of a random hole in the ground sparked curiosity in his mind, perhaps it was a tunnel of some sorts?

Gripping on tight, the blonde latched himself to the side of the Earth above before flicking himself backwards in a fluid roll, dangling off the ledge for a moment, before dropping smoothly, knees bent as to brace his fall, which wasn’t particularly short, but not far enough to crack his knees. He’d been doing such stunts since he could remember, leaping and crawling was like second nature to him. Mattie lifted up from his position onto the ground, taking a glance around, as if scanning for any sort of indicators as to where they may have been.“Well, what do we have down here?”, He said to nothing in particular, taking a glimpse around. It was certainly interesting, the entrance seemed to belong to a concrete maze, through the same vein as cisterns and catacombs. All the ominous was never a warning for Mattie to heed, he was hardly phased by the idea of death. In his eyes, life was nothing much more than a concept anyways, he wouldn’t hold value in such fickle things.

Out of the corner of his eye, Mattie saw something ivory at the base of an entrance. A wide grin on his face and Mattie hoisted it off the ground, poising the human skull eloquently in his hands in the infamous Hamlet pose. "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well", Mattie said with a smirk. When wasn't the appropriate time to start quoting Hamlet when you had the perfect Danish accent for it?

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